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Who We Are

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David Goodyear - Founder

As Founder of NDS Consulting, David has over 30 years experience in the Banking Industry covering Senior Roles in Risk Management and Operations at the MD level having started his career as a Dealer in Treasury & Trading.

​​David has a PhD in Chemistry and during his career has been responsible for delivering a diverse range of strategic initiatives through his various positions as MD of Operations, Deputy CRO, Head of Operational Risk, Deputy General Manager of London Branch and a Senior Manager in the Dealing Room.

He has in depth practical experience of operational resilience, risk management, operations management, risk appetite/ tolerance, control environments, cost control & reduction, location strategy, culture and governance.

David has established NDS Consulting to provide Consultancy, Interim Management and Training Services to the Finance Industry. Our initial focus is the hot and growing topic of Operational Resilience which will sit alongside Financial Resilience as a main regulatory priority for Boards to focus on.

The introduction of Operational Resilience is evolution not revolution – there is no need to reinvent the wheel and it may be regarded as a “wrapper” to bring existing Regulations and Frameworks together but viewed from a different perspective – that of the Customer.

NDS Consulting is also working with NJ Risk, AJ Sheen Consulting (together The JADEtc Partnership) and other trusted partners to support clients on Operational Risk and Operational Resilience – helping them get value, leverage existing tools and frameworks, and comply with the new and evolving Regulatory Environment. 

Our Approach

Having worked in Front Office, Risk and Operations, we have in depth and practical understanding of a clients requirements and deliver strategic goals from a customer, financial, people and process perspective. 

We add value through a balanced, collaborative, logical and proactive approach to lead teams, bring together different views, provide clarity and identify a practical, pragmatic and coherent way forward.

Successful Delivery

David has successfully led major  programmes including regulatory requirements, independent risk management, strategically important initiatives, functional integration, location strategy, culture and governance.​

​​Projects David has successfully led over the last few years include:

  • Risk Appetite – Against tight Regulatory deadlines and with direct sponsorship of the CEO, designed and implemented a Risk Appetite Framework for European HQ including Market, Credit, Liquidity, Operational & Conduct Risks and a Credit Review Process for substantial assets entering the portfolio.

  • Benchmarking – Benchmarked current state against detailed regulatory requirements for risk frameworks including operational and  liquidity risks. Established and implemented a plan to close identified gaps to reach regulatory compliance.

  • Risk Control Self Assessment (RCSA) – as Head of Operational Risk and Deputy CRO implemented an RCSA framework including appropriate governance, risk assessment forums, KRIs, management information and escalation procedures.

  • Operational Resilience - Introducing the hot topic of Operational Resilience including cyber risk at the Enterprise Wide level using previous extensive experience in DR, BCM and Incident Management. Established and gained approval for a Strategic Roadmap using existing fit for purpose building blocks. Established an Operational Resilience Committee and provided regular updates on progress to the Board.

  • Governance – Streamlined EHQ’s Governance structure at the request of the CEO. Chaired and acted as Secretariat for Senior meetings and SteerCos. Designed and established governance structures for strategically important projects.

  • Liquidity – Developed the liquidity contingency plan for the branch and played a lead role in application for a Whole Firm Liquidity Modification. The cost of not obtaining this was estimated at $100m per year.

  • Recovery & Resolution - Played a lead role in the development of the Branch’s Recovery and Resolution plan to achieve regulatory compliance.

  • Brexit - Moved Clearing of the Euro currency from London to Paris, established a new legal entity from an Operations perspective in Amsterdam.

  • Functional Integration and Cost Saving – Drove the integration of Bank and Securities to produce a single Operations function achieving substantial annual savings. Developed the operating model and organisation structure for the Processing Centre to reduce costs by 10% without impacting on performance.

  • Location Strategy – Produced target model for support functions covering off-shoring, near-shoring and on-shoring including use of robotics. As proof of concept on-shored Operations staff to a non-City location achieving 50% real estate cost reduction without degradation in service or loss of personnel.

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Why Use Us

About NDS: Services

Extensive experience in Front Office, Risk and Operations at a senior level with the ability to join the dots to identify and implement pragmatic solutions


Making complex simple through deep understanding of challenges, identification of clear strategic direction and creation of detailed implementation plan

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Deep knowledge of banking processes, risk and control frameworks

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Emphasis on value, proportionality, effectiveness and a commitment to not ‘re-invent the wheel


Strong record of successful project delivery following a collaborative and inclusive approach driven by senior management commitment

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Strong network of associates and partners to leverage

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Extensive experience of working under pressure on strategic and regulatory projects

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